GST has a very proactive team of 48 geoscientists versed in various disciplines of geoscience and different levels of qualifications including MSc in mining engineering, mineral exploration, geophysics, petroleum, geothermal, geo-information and BSc in various disciplines of science.  

The professional team is assisted by a very dynamic and equally enthusiastic team of 39 technicians with various knowledge in the fields of geology, geochemistry, geophysics, seismology, mining and mineral processing. Apart from the geoscientists and technicians, GST has a business support team comprising of 45 staff in different disciplines

Core competencies and facilities

  • Modern laboratory with Quality Assurance System (QAS) which complies with the ISO/IEC 17025 General Requirement for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.
  • Laboratory facilities capable of performing sample preparation, mineral processing, chemical analyses, mineralogy/petrology studies, petrophysical measurement of rock samples.
  • Field geological mapping facilities.
  • IT and communication facilities.
  • Data storage and retrieval facilities (servers).
  • Modern cartographic facilities.
  • Litho-photographic facilities.
  • Ground geophysical survey equipment.
  • Geochemical survey facilities.
  • Library and archive.
  • Geological Museum.
  • Core and rock libraries.
  • Borehole drilling facilities.
  • Good infrastructure in terms of buildings and office equipment

Financial resources
The financial resource requirements are met from various sources including

  • Subvention from the Government.
  • Charges for services rendered to customers.
  • Sales of maps, geo-information and data.
  • Consultancy services to exploration and mining companies, individuals and institutions.
  • Grants from research partners (in form of equipment, expertise and training).