Geophysical Digital Data


SNDescriptionPrice (TZS)Price (USD)
1.Raw Data Per QDS (Magnetic, Radiometric and Gravity)9,000,0004,500
2.Raw Data Per line km (Magnetic, Radiometric and Gravity)2,5001
3.Grids per QDS (Magnetic only)2,000,0001,000
4.Grids per QDS = 1000$ (Magnetic only); (per each element; U, Th or K)600,000300
5.Grids per QDS = 1000$ (Magnetic only); (Gravity only)400,000200
6.Maps (pdf, jpeg etc) per QDS; Magnetic200,000100
7.Maps (pdf, jpeg etc) per QDS; Radiometric per each element; U, Th and K.80,00040
8.Maps (pdf, jpeg etc) per QDS; Ternary Image80,00040
9.Maps (pdf, jpeg etc) per QDS; Gravity100,00050
10.VTEM Raw Data line km (1km)20,00010
11.VTEM Raw Data line km (1km) Maps per area600,000300

High Resolution Data

SNDescriptionPrice (TZS)Price (USD)
1.1 QDS (entire digital data with XYZ and grid files-Magnetic & Radiometric)6,000,0003,000
2.1 QDS (entire digital data with XYZ and grid files-Magnetic, Radiometric and Gravity)9,000,0004,500
3.1 SQ. KM2,5001

Raw Data (price breakdown)

SNDescriptionPrice (TZS)Price (USD)
1.Magnetics 40% 1 sq. km / entire QDS1,0001
2.Electromagnetics 25% 1 sq. km / entire QDS5000
3.Radiometrics 30% 1 sq. km / entire QDS6000
4.Gravity 1 sq. km / entire QDS4,0002
5.VTEM 1 line km20,00010

Geophysica Maps(JPG/TIFF/PDF or Hardcopy)

SNDescriptionPrice (TZS)Price (USD)
1.Magnetics per /QDS200,000100
2.Electromagnetics(Part of QDS 82&83/122&123/147&148) per /QDS600,000300
3.Radiometrics (U, Th, K) per element /QDS 4080,00040
4.Gravity per /QDS100,00050
5.Explanatory notes for geophysical interpretation maps40,00020

Low Resolution Data

SNDescriptionPrice (TZS)Price (USD)
1.Raw Data 1 QDS1,400,000700
2.Raw Data 1sq km5000
3.Processed and interpreted Data/maps 1 QDS1,200,000600
4.Processed and interpreted Data/maps 1sq km4000
5.Processed and interpreted Data/maps 1 Print out maps (A0)100,00050
6.Processed/gridded (JPG/TIF/PDF) Magnetic80,00040
7.Processed/gridded (JPG/TIF/PDF) Uranium40,00020
8.Processed/gridded (JPG/TIF/PDF) Potassium20,00010
9.Processed/gridded (JPG/TIF/PDF) Thorium20,00010
10.Processed/gridded (JPG/TIF/PDF) 1sq. km.200
11.Processed/gridded (JPG/TIF/PDF) 1 Print out maps (A0)60,00030

Ground Geophysical Survey

SNDescriptionPrice (TZS)Price (USD)
1.Magnetic Surveys per line km200,000100
2.Electromagnetic Surveys per line km400,000200
3.Radiometric Surveys per line km200,000100
4.Induced Polarization (IP) per line km1,200,000600
5.Gravity Surveys per line km600,000300