Geochemical Surveys

Tanzania has a reconnaissance geochemical survey coverage at various scales. Most of the geochemical surveys were carried out by a number of organizations, exploration and mining companies such as UNDP, Williamsons Diamonds, Western Rift Exploration, BHP, Geological Survey of Finland, Council for Geoscience (South Africa), China Geological Survey, Jamhuri ya Korea (KIGAM) and GST itself .

In addition, several geochemical surveys were also conducted by organizations under joint programmes with the Government of Tanzania through GST such as BGR, JICA and SIDA SAREC.

From both geochemical surveys, sampling media, sampling density and elements analysed vary considerably between surveys depending on the objectives.

Available geochemical data at GST and analytical methods

The geochemical data generated by GST, mining/exploration companies and other organizations is available in digital and hard copies.

Intergrated Map (Geology and Symbol Plot)

Dots and Colour Surface