Strategic aims of earth resource exploration and evaluation

  • Identify areas with mineral potential and promote them for investment, produce basic geo-data for use in mineral exploration and find new resources for sustainability of the mineral sector.
  • Emphasize responsible environmental practices and to include environmental reporting based on sustainable development as part of the exploration, survey and evaluation process.
  • Actively provide information for the general public and decision makers on the importance of mineral resources and their sustainable use

Mineral Exploration in Tanzania
Tanzania offers the exploration industry a favourable investment climate and operating environment with significant potential for new discoveries as many commodities still are highly under explored. GST has been involved in the mineral exploration projects. These projects have ranged from regional- to prospect-scale and have led to the discovery of a number of significant deposits such as Kahama Gold Mine and Geita Gold Mine which are now world class mines.
Much of the present exploration activity in Tanzania, is concentrated in gold, base metals, platinum group metals (PGM), uranium, gemstones, diamonds and industrial minerals. Tanzania has excellent geological databases, good infrastructure, attractive mineral policy and readily available exploration services. These factors make investing in Tanzania attractive and cost effective.

Exploration Services
One of the roles of GST is to acquire geoscientific data and information from new areas and mineral prospects to encourage further evaluation by the private sector. All discoveries and prospects are developed by the private sector through licensing by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals. Under the Mining Policy, 1997, the government has no role in the mining business, but is only promoter and facilitator.
GST also provides confidential and customized expert services to exploration, mining companies and small-scale miners. These include all aspects and scales of mineral exploration and prospect evaluation, from planning and implementing regional exploration programs (geological, geochemical and geophysical), to detailed mineralogical studies and deposit modelling.

Specialized expertise and experience in economic geology

  • Gold and base metals exploration (mapping, sampling, drilling, logging) .
  • Diamond exploration (indicator mineral sampling, processing and analyzing.
  • Layered mafic intrusion-hosted PGE exploration.
  • Confidential and customized mineral exploration services.
  • Mineral prospect evaluation and modelling.
  • Ground geophysics (magnetics, IP, gravity and EM)
  • Geochemical surveys (sampling, analysis, processing and data evaluation).
  • Geological and technical field work.
  • Exploration for gemstones.
  • Coal geology, petrology and characterisation.
  • Environmental baseline studies, impact assessment and monitoring
  • GIS (ArcGIS and MapInfo)
  • Geochemical software (Chimera)
  • Geophysical data software (OasisMontaj, Model Vision Pro)
  • Geological mapping database software (RockLog Net)
  • Excellent digital databases