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SNDescriptionPrice (TZS)Price (USD)
1.Summary of the Geology of Tanzania, Part1: Introduction and Stratigraphy, By Quennell, A.C.M. McKinlay and W.G. Aitken, 195640,00020
2.Summary of the Geology of Tanzania Part IV-Economic Geology, by J.F. Harris40,00020
3.Summary of the Geology of Tanganyika Part V – Structure and Geotectonics of the Pre-Cambrian by J.R.Harpum40,00020
4.The Geology of Kilimanjaro, by C. Downie and P.Wilkinson50,00025
5.Gold in the Dodoma Basement of Tanzania, by H. Barth, S.Massola15,0008
6.Tanzania Journal for Earth Science (2009 & 2013)15,0008
7.Industrial Minerals in Tanzania40,00020
8.Tanzania Opportunities for Mineral Resource Development25,00013
9.Ancient Landforms in Lake Victoria Region, Northern Tanzania and their potential for Placer Gold10,0005
10.Regional geochemical surveys in Biharamuro, Kahama and Mpanda40,00020
11.Report of Geological Survey of Some Stone Occurrences in Dodoma and Singida regions20,00010
12.Geochemical Field Manual10,0005
13.Regional Geochemical Survey in Singida Block (QDS {82,83,101,102,121,122})80,00040
14.Taratibu za utendaji kazi katika uchimbaji mdogo wa madini Vols.I-III kwa kila kimoja5,0003
15.Madini yapatikanayo Tanzania15,0008
16.Regional Geochemical Surveys in Dodoma report30,00015
17.Regional Geochemical Surveys in Handeni-Kilindi report (QDS{147 & 148})30,00015
18.Minerogenic Map of Tanzania and Explanatory notes200,000100
19.Gemstones Guides of Tanzania20,00010
20.Muongozo wa kufundishia elimu ya miamba na madini kwa shule za msingi10,0005


SNDescriptionPrice (TZS)Price (USD)
1.Outline of the Geology of Musoma District., by G.M. Stockley, 193510,0005
2.Eastern Lupa Goldfield. By E.O. Teale and N.W. Eades, petrological notes by F.Oates, 193510,0005
3.Explanation of the Geology of Degree Sheet No.1 (Karagwe Tinfields) By G.M. Stockley and G.J. Williams, 91 pages, 3 maps, 6 plates, 193810,0005
4.Explanation of the Geology of Degree Sheet No.29 (Singida) By N.W. Eades and W.H. Reeve, 193830,00015
5.The Kimberlite Province and Associated Diamond Deposits of Tanganyika Territory. By G.J. Williams, pages, 2 maps, 3 plates, 193915,0008
6.Explanation of the Geology of Degree Sheet No.18 (Shinyanga). By G.J. Williams and N.W. Eades, 193915,0008
7.Explanation of the Geology Degree Sheet No.17, (Kahama) by D.R. Grantham, B.N. Temperley and R.B. McConnel,194810,0005
8.Geology of North, West and Central Njombe District, Southern Highlands Province by G.M. Stockley, 194820,00010
9.Outline of the Geology of Ufipa and Ubende By R.B. McConnel, 195420,00010
10.The Geology of the Ketewaka-Mchuchuma Coalfield, Njombe District. By A.C.M. McKinlay, 195420,00010
11.A study of the Metamorphic Rocks of Karema and Kungwe Bay, Western Tanganyika. By J.Sutton, J. Watson and T.C. James, 195420,00010
12.Notes for Mica Prospectors in Tanganyika. By D.N. Sampson, 195415,0008
13.The Soils of Mbozi, by A.M.M. Spurr, 195515,0008
14.The Geology of the Galula Coalfield, Mbeya District, by J. Spence, 195420,00010
15.The Geology and Ecology of the Nachingwea Region Southern Province by D.A. Grantham, 195520,00010
16.The Geology of the Songwe-Kiwira Coalfield Rungwe District By D.A. Harkin, 195520,00010
17.The Geology of Part of the Eastern Province of Tanganyika, by J. Spence, 62 pages, 4 maps, 195730,00015
18.The Geology of the Nyanzwa Area. By J.K. Whittingham, 195920,00010
19.Microfloral Investigation of the Lower Coal Measures (K2): Ketewaka-Mchuchuma Coalfield, Tanganyika, by George F. Hart, 196015,0008
20.The Geology and Paleontology of the Jurassic and Cretaceous of Southern Tanganyika, W.G. Aiken20,00010
21.The Crystalline Rocks of the Igawa Area, by P.E. Brown, 196020,00010
22.The Geology of the Rufiji Basin with reference to proposed Dam Sites By E.G. Haldemann, 1962.20,00010
23.The Proterozoic Rocks of Western Tanganyika, by R. Halligan, 196320,00010
24.The Mica Pegmatites of the Uluguru Mountains, by D.N. Sampson, 196320,00010
25.Microfloral from the Ketewaka- Mchuchuma Coalfield Tanganyika, By George F. Hart20,00010
26.Geology of the Uluguru Mountains by D.N. Sampson and A.E. Wright, 196530,00015
27.The coalfields and coal resources of Tanzania, by A.C.M. McKinlay, 196530,00015
28.Palyno-stratigraphy of the Ketewaka Coalfield (Lower Permian), Tanzania10,0005


SN Description Price (TZS) Price (USD)
1. Geology of the South and Southeastern Regions of the Musoma District, by F.B. Oates, 1938 10,000 5
2. The Geology of the Iramba Plateau, by N.W. Eades, 1936 10,000 5
3. Hints on Prospecting and Working alluvial deposits, by F.B. Wade, 1937 10,000 5
4. An Explanation of Degree Sheet No.52 (Dodoma), by F.B. Wade and F. Oates,1938 25,000 13
5. he Geology of the North Ilunga Area, by A.C. Skerl and F. Oates, 1938 10,000 5
6. The Geology of the Country around Mpwapwa, by N. Temperley, 1938 30,000 15
7. The Geology of the parts of the Tabora, Kigoma and Ufipa districts, North-west Lake Rukwa, by G.M. Stockley, 1938 10,000 5
8. Preliminary report on the Mining geology and Gold Occurrences in the Kahama District, by D.R. Grantham and B.N. Temperley, 1939 10,000 5
9. Geology and Gold Deposits of the Ruvu River Area, by B.N. Temperley, 1958 10,000 5
10. Preliminary Report on the Mining Geology of the Iramba-Sekenke Goldfield, by JR.B. McConnell, 1945 10,000 5
11. The Geology of the Namwele-Mkomolo Coalfield, Ufipa District. By R.B. McConnell, with appendices by the Imperial Institute, J.H. Harris, A. Caperle and F. Oates, 1947 30,000 15
12. The Geology of the Mhukuru Coalfield (Songea District), by D.A. Harkin, 1953 20,000 10
13. The Geology of the Country around Mwanza Gulf, by G.M. Stockley, 1947 10,000 5
14. The Mpanda Mineral Field of Western Tanganyika, by J. de La Vailee Poussin and R.B. McConnell, 1950. 5,000 3


SNDescriptionPrice (TZS)Price (USD)
1.Geological Records (1951 – 1961) of the Geological Survey Division5,0003
2.Annual Reports (1933 – 1964) of the Geological Survey Division each5,0003
3.Annual Reports (1964 – 1966) of the Mines Division each5,0003
4.Annual Reports (1965 – 1967) of the Mineral Resources Division each5,0003
5.Report No.14,0002


SNDescriptionPrice (TZS)Price (USD)
1.Geoscientific information search (report reading) per hour4,0002
2.Photocopying unpublished report 1 A4 size page1,0001


SNDescriptionPrice (TZS)Price (USD)
1.Geological Quarter Degree Sheet (QDS) (hard copy/PDF/JPEG)50,00025
2.Geological QDS (with explanatory notes booklet50,00025
3.Old explanatory notes booklet for QDS10,0005
4.One QDS explanatory notes booklet (2015 edition)30,00015
5.Explanatory notes with more than one QDS (2015 edition)40,00020
6.Vectors (shapefile) for QDS map300,000150


SNDescriptionPrice (TZS)Price (USD)
1.Lake Victoria Goldfields Tanzania each50,00025
2.Geological Map of Tanzania(2005)-printed copy40,00020
3.Mineral Occurrences Map of Tanzania-printed copy40,00020
4.Geological Map of Kilimanjaro40,00020
5.Geological Block Maps with explanatory notes70,00035
6.Geological map of the coastal area of Tanzania40,00020


SNDescriptionPrice (TZS)Price (USD)
1.The Formation of epidote in Tanganyika, By J. R. Harpum4,0002
2.The Sarabwe lava flow, Kiejo, Rungwe District By D.Q. Harkin4,0002
3.Minerals and Industry in Tanganyika, by C.B. Bisset5,0003
4.A pyrochlore (columbium) carbonatite, Southern Tanganyika, by A.P. Fawley and T.C. James4,0002
5.The Lupa Goldfield Tanganyika Territory, by A. M. Quennell3,0002
6.The Origin of Limestone caves, by J.R. Harpum3,0002
7.Bibliography of Tanganyika Karoo, by J. Spence2,0001
8.Some problems of Pre-Karoo Geology in Tanganyika, by J. R. Harpum5,0003
9.The Karroo system of Tanganyika By D.A. Harkin, A.C.M.Mckinlay and J. Spence5,0003
10.The Geomorphology of the Nzega area of Tanganyika with special reference to the formation of granite tors, By J.R.F. Handley5,0003
11.Recent investigation in Pre-Karroo Geology in Tanganyika By J.R. Harpum.5,0003
12.Preliminary notes on the geology of Kilimanjaro, by W.H. Wilcockson5,0003
13.The Bukoban System of East Africa, by A.M. Quennell5,0003
14.Recent landslide phenomena in the Rungwe Volcanic area, Tanganyika, by E.G. Haldemann,5,0003
15.The Jurrassic-Cretaceous junction in Tanganyika, by W.G. Aitken6,0003
16.A Note on structural features and erosion in Eastern and Southern Tanganyika, by E.G. Haldemann2,0001
17.Banded Ironstones and Associated rocks, by J.R.F. Handley2,0001
18.An unusual Vesicular Ironstone (Nzegite) from the Nyanzian system of Tanganyika, by J.R.F. Handley2,0001
19.The nature of rift faulting in Tanganyika, by T.C. James3,0002
20.Notes on the seismicity of the Lake Nyasa and Lake Rukwa areas, by A.J. King3,0002
21.Metallogenic epochs in East and Central Africa, by A.M. Quennell3,0002
22.The alteration of pyrochlore to columbite and carbonatites in Tanganyika, by T.C. James and D. Mckie3,0002
23.Soapstone bodies produced by magnesium metasomatism in south-west Tanganyika, by J.R. Harpum3,0002
24.A Brief comparison between the mica-bearing pegmatites of the Uluguru Mountains and the Mikese area, Morogoro district, Tanganyika, by D.N. Simpson3,0002
25.Charnockites in Tanganyika and their associated rock Groups, by A.E. Wright and T.C. James3,0002
26.The Environment of some copper deposits near Mpanda Tanganyika, by A.P. Fawley.3,0002
27.East Central Regional Committee for Geology Sub-committee on stratigraphical nomenclature, by A. M. Quennell3,0002
28.The Geological environment of copper deposits in Tanganyika, by J. K. Whittingham3,0002
29.A Preliminary note on the Quaternary Geology of Tanganyika, by R. Pickering3,0002
30.Berylium in Tanganyika granitic rocks, by B.J.Rushton3,0002
31.Further comments on the age relationship of the Konse, Buanji and Ukinga series of Tanganyika, by J. R. Harpum.3,0002
32.The Concept of the Geological cycle and its application to the problems of Precambrian geology, by J.R. Harpum5,0003
33.On the subdivision of the Precambrian, by A.M. Quennell and E.G. Haldemann.2,0001
34.Ignimbrites in the alkaline rift volcanics of Tanganyika, by D. A. Harkin and J. R. Harpum10,0005
35.On the age of a molluscan fauna from the Neogene of the Tanga district, Tanganyika, by C. P. Naitail and L. F. Sealy3,0002
36.Sodium carbonate lavas from Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanganyika, by J. B. Dawson.10,0005
37.Trace elements in Tanganyika carbonatites,by P.Bowden10,0005
38.The Geology of Oldoinyo Lengai, by J.B. Dawson10,0005
39.The explosion craters of Basotu, Tanganyika Territory, by C.Downie and P. Wilkinson10,0005
40.Behaviour and origin of a natural brine well, by A. J. King5,0003
41.Corals and the correlation of the limestone of Tanganyika, by H. D. Thomas5,0003
42.A geochemical field method for determining of tungsten in soils and stream sediments, by P. Bowden.5,0003
43.Springs of Deep Seated Origin, by Walker B.G5,0003
44.On the pleochroism of vanadium bearing zoisite from Tanzania, by H. Faye and E.H. Nickel5,0003
45.A metamorphosed pyroxinite at Nero Hill Central Tanzania, by H.W. Haslam and B.G. Walker5,0003