GST aims at:

  • addressing the needs and requirements of our customers and users through use of best internal procedures to efficiently deliver of goods and services;
  • providing relevant, comprehensive and up-to-date information, data, services and  advice; timely, accurately and comprehensively (assessed through feedback from recipients);
  • increased collaboration with other geoscientific institutions.
  • prompt preparation and billing of charges due;
  • effective application of management information systems in all sectors of the GST to raise productivity level;
  • maintaining good public relations, operating at all times to the highest professional standards; emphasising impartiality, confidentiality, reliability and promptness and improvement in the ratio of cost to revenue.

The GST welcomes all feedback from customers, clients and stakeholders on the quality of products and services that we offer. Please fill in and send the form below, including your contact details for further communication.

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