GST in Nutshell
Organisational Structure
GST Roles & Functions

About GST

The Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST) was established as a Government Executive Agency in October 2005 under The Executive Agency Act No. 30, [CAP 245] of 1997, establishment order, 2005, Government notice no: 418 published on 9/12/2005.

GST is managed by a Chief Executive (CE), appointed by the Minister for Energy and Minerals, for a term not exceeding five (5) years. The CE is answerable to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals and performs all the executive functions of GST. The Permanent Secretary is responsible for policy and the strategic management of GST and oversees the interest of the ministry and the government in general. There is a Ministerial Advisory Board (MAB) which advises the Minister on matters pertaining to efficient and effective performance and developments of GST.

Mission & Vision

Mission: The mission is to provide high quality and cost effective geoscientific data and information to stakeholders in order to enhance the knowledge and use of earth resources, thereby contributing to national poverty alleviation knowledge of geo-hazards and their mitigation, protection of environment, life and property.

Vision: The vision of GST is to become one of the leading Customers oriented Geo-scientific Centre of Excellency in Africa in providing national geoscientific data and information by the year 2025.